A Dream come true

Did you ever have this very special and precise dream about a huge und beautiful celebration where you could find absolutely everything that your heart desired?

Well, now, this kind of a dream can become a reality… and well, its name is KOKU.


Over 120 artists from Rheinhessen (D) Germany, Europe and worldwide, are coming together to create in collaboration an innovative, never before seen festival experience.

But wait! There is a lot more: Over 30 winegrowers, wineries, restaurants, hotels and others offer their exhibition facilities to the 120+ artists for this great event, and also the many friends and family of KOKU.            Within Rheinhessen, the KOKU festivities will take place in no less than 34 locations … and more are being added.



Big opening: Saturday, April 21st 2012

Closure:        Sunday, April 22nd 2012


The KOKU event will be as varied as the world of arts: Pictures, photography, sculptures, theater, music, dance, songs, dialect, workshops, literature (including lectures), poetry, short stories, novels, toys, jewellery, to name just a few.


There are a thousand pictures and counting … a fascinating choice of presentations:


- Paintings, drawings, collage, cartoons, comics, photographs

- Abstract, realistic, surreal, impressionistic, expressionistic, intuitive, pop-art

- Landscapes, fauna, flora, buildings, technology, people, love, eroticism, joy, pain, grief, desire, freedom, peace, ethics … and we could go on.


Do you love dancing? Move to the sounds of disco, foxtrot, tango, line dancing, etc.


Why is all this happening only next year? The pre-event has already begun. KOKU is in full preparation mode: Contests and many different activities are going on … There are KOKU films about to be produced, KOKU songs to be created and composed, activities organized … and new ideas are pouring in. Be assured of KOKU being full of surprises. We want KOKU to be alive and full of excitement and ready for the big event on April 21st and 22nd 2012.


To tickle your taste buds, come take a peak at our homepage and join the festivities at


Each day more and more artists are being presented: so far there are 64, and we continue to grow. Please do visit the site often to keep you up to date.

You want to learn more about the individual artists? Please visit their profile as well as their own websites. You may want to watch and listen to their Video contributions on:


Up to now there are more than 30 video presentations. They show the artists, part of their work, the artists at work and a look behind the scene through their interviews.


Coming up: Open TV Channels will be showing movies about KOKU. How exciting is this!



Why not plan right now for the weekend of April 21st/22nd 2012! While visiting Rheinhessen and Koku, you will want to stroll through the landscape, the villages and towns … or admire the “Fachwerkhaeuser” (half timbered houses, typical for certain regions in Europe, amongst other in Germany). This walk will guide you to the different exhibition facilities and invite you to discover the diverse artistic presentations and at the same time to take part in the culinary specialities.

Prepare yourself to taste the many culinary delights: Germany’s largest Wine Region has so much to offer! The best of wines … great Feasts … small snacks … seductive Haute Cuisine.


Or, why not enjoy a short walk through the vinyards! The “Jakobsweg” will be inhabited by sculptures. You can listen to the music or dive into the multiple language-scapes within Germany’s dialects.


Artists as well as exhibitors are looking forward to welcoming you and to share precious moments with you. Whether you participate in the KOKU event as an artist or a visitor, you are assured to have a great experience and unforgettable memories that you will take home.


I extend to you in behalf of KOKU an invitation to check out our website http://koku2012.jimdo.com often. There is so much to read, listen and watch.

And we look forward to seeing you at the festival. If you have any questions or require further information, do not hesitate to contact us at:



(Lisa Winter, Christine Amstutz)











koku-Ausstellung 2016 (Sun, 31 Jan 2016)
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koku-Ausstellung 2016 (Sun, 31 Jan 2016)
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